Welcome to Louisville!

The Best College Sports Town in America

Named the Top Travel Destination for 2013 by Lonely Planet, Louisville is a city on the move, with major amenities like world-class performing arts, great sports, and incredible dining. It is home to “the greatest two minutes in sports” the Kentucky Derby and the Louisville Cardinals, giving The Ville a reputation as one of the Best College Sports Towns in America

Forget the Red Carpet. We Roll Out the Barrel

Louisville's Growing Bourbon Scene is a Trip that is Worth the Sip

There are currently 4.7 million barrels of bourbon aging in Kentucky warehouses, which means there are more barrels of bourbon than people living in Kentucky (4.3 million). So don't just read about Kentucky bourbon history here. Go to the distilleries and find out for yourself. That's right, only in Kentucky do bourbon makers band together to open their doors and show you how they've been making their delicious libations for about 200 years. To savor more of Louisville's bold bourbon style visit BourbonCountry.com.

When it Comes to Sports, Louisville's a Good Call

Baseball, Boxing and Horses Creates a Trifecta Visit

As the home of the Louisville Slugger, "The Greatest" Muhammad Ali and the Kentucky Derby, Louisville is the place where champions are made. If you're a sports fan, then you're going to love it here. Just three swings away from the Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory is the award-winning Muhammad Ali Center. And, of course, no trip to Louisville is complete without a visit to the historical Churchill Downs and Kentucky Derby Museum. Louisville is home to over 120 parks, and other sports and outdoor related activities like golf, go-cart racing, segway tours, trampoline parks, underground zip lining and many more.

The Question Isn't What to Do. It's What to Do First.

Louisville is a City Where Anything is Possible

Welcome to Louisville. We're a place that offers visitors the warmth and hospitality of the South, the convenience and ease of the Midwest, and the sophistication and cultural creativity of a major metropolitan location. If you've never been here, we've created a short-list of the top sights in the city for our first time visitors.

A Top Destination by Any Measure

Louisville's Growing Bourbon and Culinary Scene has Projected the City to New Heights

Let's take a look at the accolades Possibility City racked up over the past year like Thrillist.com naming Louisville the ninth Most “Hipster” City in America and a “Best of the World” destination by National Geographic. Louisville made lists in print and online giving praise to great places to eat, play and stay.

When it Comes to Food, Louisville Brings a Lot to the Table

A City Where Even Bourbon is a Food Group

New Southern Cuisine. It's one of the most popular food movements in the country right now. Has been for years actually. It's about taking traditional, regional Southern dishes and putting your own unique twist on them. One of the cities currently making the most noise in the movement is Louisville. We're teaching it in our culinary schools. We're pushing it to new extremes in our restaurants. No, Louisville did not invent New Southern Cuisine. We've tweaked it. Fried it. Poached it. And, most importantly, added Bourbon.

Kentuckiana Figures

Anything is Possible.

• Many famous figures and legends have called the Derby City home, including: Muhammad Ali (three-time heavyweight boxing champion), Diana Sawyer (ABC News World Anchor), Tom Cruise (Gloden Globe Award®-winning actor), Jennifer Lawrence (Academy Award®-winning actress), Fuzzy Zoeller (American professional golfer), Senator Mitch McConnell (U.S. Senator), and Colonel Harland Sanders (founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken). Famous Louisvillians

Major Employers Who Call Louisville Home


Louisville is the proud home of major corporations and elite businesses like: UPS (logistics, distribution), Ford Motor Company (auto), GE Appliance & Lighting (home appliances), Humana Inc. (health insurance), Yum! Brands (quick-service restaurants), Norton & Kindred Healthcare Inc. (health care), Papa John’s International (pizza restaurants), and the Brown-Forman Co. (beverage producer).