All in one guide for playing online poker in Singapore

Despite the current issues, the online gambling market in Singapore is emerging and thriving at a fast pace. According to a British gambling consultancy, Singapore holds second place in the whole world for gambling. This is despite strict laws that curb gambling in the country.

Download the software

Visit the particular website you want to play poker on and download the application designed for android or iOS. On a click, the app gets downloaded on your mobile and installs it in a few easy steps.

Choosing any variation from the menu

Click the home button where you will find numerous related games and choose that specific game you wish to play.

Join or start a club

On the home page, if your friends wish to invite you to join a game, you will get a notification in green. If you want to play in that club, click to accept their invite. To create a new club, click ‘create a new poker club’ and add your friends. It is that simple and easy to add players and perform.

Name your game

After creating a club, make sure to name it for easy access and identification. In addition to naming your club, create an invitation code. Make sure that your invitation code and password are different to avoid any future conflicts. Your online poker Singapore is now available. However, it might take 3 to 4 days for your club name to get reflected, until then you will see your club ID number on the board.

Tips for creating your poker club

  • Your club name should be unique and must contain, including spaces, only 8 to 30 characters.
  • Choose your club name wisely, as it is impossible to change after approval.
  • The invitation code for your club should be between 8 to 16 characters and is case-sensitive.
  • You can add up to a maximum of 510 members to the club.
  • You can create a maximum of 2 clubs alone and can join a maximum of 10 clubs.
  • Although possible, never give admin access to others unless it is necessary.
  • If money is involved, like other real money games, you will get reward points added to your account.
  • Chat moderation is not provided when necessary.
  • Contact the support page in case of queries or additional support.

Invite your friends to play

To start playing, you need to add players to your club by inviting them. The e-mail sent will contain details like your name, club details, and club ID number.

Enter your club lobby and accept requests

On the main page, you will find your club ID. Click on the ID to visit your private club page, where you will find requests from your friends. This private page is just for you and your club members. In the ‘manage club’ tab, you can choose to either accept or reject the invites you have received.

Schedule a game

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