Casino War at W88 Offers Epic Betting Gameplay

Casino War at W88 Indonesia is yet another amazing example
of W88’s diverse gameplay and jackpot offers. W88 Indonesia
is not just your average betting platform, and games like Casino War
will attest to that fact. In this guide, we will show you
all the necessary info about the game.

If you’re not familiar with Casino War, it’s a card game with
6 decks of 52 cards. In every round,  dealers have to deal out a
single card each to both player and dealer. Once the dealing out is done,
both sides now have to compare cards.

Rank for cards starts from 2 until 10, which then turns into
J, Q,K and Finally A.

When combined with the W88 online platform bonuses,
these can turn into a very beneficial investment. W88’s interface
is also very welcoming for beginners just learning the game.

Invaluable Steps for How to Play Casino War

Are you eager to learn about How to Play Casino War at W88?
Then here are the basic steps you should learn.

At the start of every game you have to bet on your desired position.
Casino War allows players to bet on more than one position at a time.

After the bet is completed, one card will be dealt each to the dealer
and player. The players will then be comparing each hand’s cards.

Obviously, if the dealer gets a bigger hand than the player, you lose.
If you get a bigger hand  than the dealer, you end up winning.

Supposing that an equal hand occurs on both sides, this is
what you call a Tie occurrence. The player must then choose whether to Surrender or Fight. If a player chooses to Fight, they must make another bet equal to their primary bet.

Players may choose to bet on Tie to cash in on the possibility
of both hands being equal.  Now you’re starting to see why
Casino War is one of the more promising Virtual Casino Games.

How to Play Casino War Helpful Details

Like we said in the previous section, there are two options that occur
in a Tie scenario. You may Surrender or Fight. These are what are
referred to as Battle bets.

To surrender will mean only getting half of your original Casino War at W88 bet.
To fight will mean another bet with an amount equal to the original bet.

To fight will mean the original 3 cards being thrown out
and another card being drawn. And that’s pretty much
what you need to know about How to Play Casino War.

We should remind you that there are rules that make Surrender a default.
They will kick in if you lose internet, your bet isn’t accepted in time
or you make no choice.

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Casino War at W88 Indonesia will give you more than your time
and money’s worth. It’s a very simple game with interesting deviations
from other card games with similar mechanics. Combined with some of the additional features from W88, itmakes for one of the best
Virtual Casino Games at W88.

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