Interesting Facts about Andar Bahar

Interesting Facts about Andar Bahar

Andar Bahar Online Game is the beloved Indian card game. It is famous across all states and among all ages, thanks to its simplicity. It is deeply ingrained in the Indian gambling culture and it is the go-to game of most Indians when they think about a card game with Teen-Patti coming in as a close second.

In this article, we will look at some interesting facts about Andar Bahar which you may not have known before.

Andar Bahar is also called Katti

Yes, Andar Bahar in many Indian sub-cultures is known as “Katti.” Not only that, Andar Bahar has many such names in a different culture.

However, the name “Katti” is used less and less nowadays. With the rise in online gambling culture, the name “Katti” has taken a backseat and Andar Bahar has become more prominent.

Andar Bahar and International Audience

It may surprise you to hear that Andar Bahar has a huge international following and it is on the rise. The game is now not only played in India but worldwide.

Furthermore, more than a dozen casinos in Atlantic City, New Jersey, America’s second capital for gambling after Vegas have a dedicated table for Andar Bahar games.

In the same vein, arguably World’s gambling capital Macau’s casinos also have begun to include Andar Bahar games and tables in the casinos which welcomes millions of guests per year.

It is safe to say, Andar Bahar’s popularity will only increase from here with the international audience with more and more gambling houses picking up the game for their casinos.

Big Online Following

As we have established before, Andar Bahar is the go-to game for most Indians. However, due to the nature of law in India surrounding the land-based casinos, it is limited to only makeshift gambling places in the villages or casinos in the mega yachts only available for the rich.

On the other hand, the Indian government has no explicit law barring Indians from playing Andar Bahar at online casinos. Therefore, the Indian market has opened up for many international online gambling houses.

As a result, a situation has arisen where if an Indian today wants to play Andar Bahar with their hard-earned money, online casinos are the only viable options.

Therefore, there is a massive presence of Indians online for casinos and specially Andar Bahar has a big online following.

Two Types of Andar Bahar

There are two types of Andar Bahar you can play in online casinos today.

Live Andar Bahar

Live Andar Bahar is the one where there is actually a live person dealing your cards for you remotely. They are housed in the international casinos and are streamed to your devices using a camera. Along with this, there is sophisticated software accompanying live dealers which takes care of betting and payout.

Live Dealer Andar Bahar is excellent because it feels like a real thing even though there is a lot of technology involved.

At the end of the day, you have an actual person dealing the cards with you betting as you would do in real life.

Virtual/RNG Andar Bahar

In this type of Andar Bahar, you play with a computer. You can still bet real money and win real money. RNGs or Random Number Generator is the principle by which the game remains fair and cannot be rigged.

These are great if someone is starting out. Live Dealer can feel a little fast-paced and overwhelming. Virtual or RNG Andar Bahar, on the other hand, can be played at your own pace.