Look for The Right Option in the Right Choice in Poker

If no raise was made before the flop and the floor is yours, aggression can be a successful strategy to punish limpers who want to see the flop for a small sum. Be careful, however, this technique is based on several factors to be taken into account.

In an un-raised pot, you can either stick or check or raise

This last hypothesis can pay off. You will first have to observe the profile of the players who have stuck before you. Some limpers could have come in with a very good hand and a re-raise from this player is not ruled out. You will therefore have to be very careful if you are on an aggressive table where the re-raise is required. Conversely, feverish tables are ideal for exploiting un-raised pots.

To steal the unused pots, you will also need to calibrate your raises

Note that your raises in this type of setup will work best when the blind level is high. Indeed, in the early stages of a tournament, your opponents will more easily pay a raise of three times the big blind. To return to the calibration of bets, it will have to be adapted to the number of players who have entered the game. Take as a basis three times the amount of the big blind and add one big blind per player present in the stroke.

  • Pay attention to the size of the limpers’ mats. If one of them only has 6-7 big blinds in front of them, they are very likely to call you or re-raise you.
  • Finally, to keep the position advantage if you are paid, it is better to try to exploit unraised pots from the cut-off and the button than from the blinds.
  • Back alley mugging is a poker move that looks like a very sophisticated bluff. Back alley mugging consists of playing a very strong hand from start to finish and therefore betting, even when the board gets scary.

One of the best situations to attempt a back alley mugging is when the flop shows a straight or flush draw. In this context and no matter what hand you have, you will have to exploit your imaginary outs. So if the draw is completed on the turn with the release of a fourth heart or a card that clearly shows a straight, you will have to bet. If your opponent checks a monstrous turn, it’s up to you to take the initiative. And if he takes the lead, a re-raise will have to be necessary to display very great strength. Note that the back alley mugging is also performed on a river which completes a draw. However, keep in mind that it is less believable to represent a successful draw on the river.

To be successful at back alley mugging of domino online, you will have to attempt it against serious opponents, who will think carefully about what hand you can have before you call or not. The more experienced your opponent, the more effective this bluff will be.


To optimize the effectiveness of a back alley mugging, it is advisable to make a similar move beforehand, but with a draw that you have really hit. So your opponents will be more suspicious before paying you. Be careful not to do more than two or three back alley mugging per game at a rate of about one per hour. Note that such moves will give you an image of a bluffer at the table. It is a perfect situation to exploit your very good hands and make you pay your biggest raises.