Smartest Solutions for the Best Live Bets

From the budget allocated for this strategy, it is good to play a fixed stake for each live bet, which falls within the limit of 2-4 percent of the total monthly amount you have available for betting. 

Bet on favorites, in tennis, if he lost the first set 

We recommend this strategy especially at Grand Slam tournaments, for games played after the system three sets won out of five. 

It often happens that the big favorite of a match played in the first rounds of such a competition heats up harder and loses the first set. Even players like Federer or Nadal are not immune to such small syncopes. We will bet at that moment on winning the match by the favorite, at a much better odds than the one displayed before the match. 

For an even higher dose of adrenaline, but also risk, we can expect the outsider to eventually make a break in the second set, or even win it.

This strategy can also be used for big tournaments where two sets of three wins are played according to the system, if there are signs that the favorite’s game can return to a high level, after a possible first set lost.

As with any 토토 사이트 live bet, it is vital to watch the match live so that, depending on how the game goes, you can guess the subsequent evolution of the match. 


Therefore, live betting remains a worthy option for bettors to consider. With a rigorous gambling strategy, very good money management and drastic control of emotions, live betting can bring profit, not just adrenaline.

Consider this “ranking” of bookmakers by live offer as a reasonable starting point, but keep in mind that it is based on the subjective experiences of the Legalbet team. We periodically test live betting platforms and any changes are immediately reflected in this top.

But your experiences may be different, so

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