3 Reasons to Avoid Low Stakes SNGs

3 Reasons to Avoid Low Stakes SNGs

First things first, we want to make clear, SNGs or Sit N Goes are not bad per se. For some, they are a great way of achieving a decent hourly win rate. However, for beginners who want to improve and perform well at low stakes, there are things you must know. That’s why in this article we are going to offer some reasons to avoid this poker format.

Stunts Your Poker Growth

Most beginner players are always looking to develop. They want to hone their game, gain experience and continue to learn as they play. However, the SNG format doesn’t promote this for very long. You’ll quite quickly realise that SNGs can only offer a finite number of plays and opportunities, even in Malaysian online casinos. You’re basically playing the same stack sizes each time, trying to survive for a top three each time. This unlikely to develop you as a post-flop poker player as many of your decisions will be purely pre-flop based. You won’t face as many tricky post-flop spots that will help you take your game up a level.

Uneven Playing Field

Even at the lowest stakes SNGs, you’ll be playing on an uneven playing field. Many of the grinders who play SNGs have “solved” this format. They’ll know the key aspects of sit and go poker with a particular focus on push-fold profitability that you are unlikely to have mastered. As such, you’re a big underdog in the long run. This can be quite demoralising and may put you off playing. That’s why we recommend you stick to other formats like regular tournaments or cash games.

Not “Real” Poker

With no disrespect to SNG experts, but its not considered “real” poker in a way. SNGs are notorious for being all in or fold poker. This is not considered a true reflection of how poker is played. If you want to gain that experience, you need to be playing games where your decisions are not resigned to moving all in or folding. Texas Hold’em is a complex game with multiple rounds of betting. The no limit format is beautiful and combines lots of skills which is why the other formats are better for people wanting less gamble and more skill.

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