– Information about the whole Lieng card game

Lieng card game is now a quite famous game. Before playing this game, learn about this card genre. Origin of the game, how to play and the rules of the game… Knowing the details of gamers will have access to this game more easily.

Lieng comes from where

On the occasion of the Lunar New Year, Lieng is a game played by many regions from Thanh Nghe Tinh to the north. This is the place where this genre of ten thousand people likes to come from. The game offers times of mind fight and rebirth, each other’s mentality is fierce but equally fun.

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The rules of the game are easy but no less attractive. That is why the game of Lieng cards has been widely developed throughout the country. Nowadays, Lieng is divided into 2 categories.

Play Lieng cards in practice

Play Lieng cards online. In this online category, it is divided into 2 categories, and the online game Lieng online for money and free for entertainment online is mainly.

The Lieng rules are very simple

Lieng is known as the Vietnamese Poker genre. There are similarities between these two genres, but Lieng is much easier to play. The maximum number of people playing the Lieng card game is 6 people, the minimum is 2 people.

Number of cards only 3 face cards are dealt to each person. The player will keep the height and low of this card and place bets. After 3 rounds of betting the rules are either raise, go all-in, go or go up depending on the player. After the 3rd betting round there will be open cards. The player with the highest 3 cards wins and takes the full amount of the mid-table bet.

Experience playing Lieng

Lieng card game does not need much skill to play. However, if you want to be good and win big, you should focus on the following skills:

Analyze the high and low posture of the game and the logic of the good players

Calm down when betting. Not sure if you are not sure of the possibility of success. Also, do not skip cards because it is not possible to determine how small your hand is. This must depend entirely on your own judgment.

If you play Lieng online to redeem rewards, you should learn more about the reputable bookmaker, the scale of the deposit to change the bonus like.

One more thing to focus on is not to bet blind bets. This move is only for professionals and longtime Lieng players. If you are a beginner who is still young, it is very easy to be spotted. If someone is all hands on your hand, your career is gone.


The Lieng card game and this information will hopefully bring a lot of fun to new players. I wish you luck and success with both Lieng play in practice and Lieng online for real rewards.

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