Learn More About Pokemon Card Store: A Brief Parent Guide


Suppose your children are obsessed with Pokémon cards. At some point of their lives, kids will trade toys for Pokémon cards, but throughout the process you will not understand anything they are saying. In that case, you should be aware of a few things to ensure the best course of action.

It is vital to enter here to learn the importance of playing this particular game. It is challenging to keep up with them unless you learn everything about it, which will allow you to follow their enjoyment. Although your kid will always be one step ahead, you can start learning by staying with us for more information.

Things Parents Should Remember About Pokémon Cards

It is important to remember that Pokémon is an internationally popular franchise that entered the market twenty-six years ago. It stands for pocket monsters, meaning it started like a TV show, video game, toys, card game, etc.

It stands for creatures that live in the wild, while imaginary trainers catch them and use them for battles against other trainers. Their goal is to see them all, meaning own all of them, which is vital to remember.

After the popularity of numerous TV shows, cartoons, and video games, people created trading games, which became highly popular across the globe. The main goal is to collect them and build a powerful deck of sixty cards that will help you win against other collectors.

You should know that each player comes with personal reasons for playing this game. Generally, each pack is different, meaning your loved ones should start with a beginner’s or theme deck. Some, more experienced and older players take advantage of the significant value of rare ones, meaning they can resell them for thousands of dollars.

We are talking about a pack with sixty options in a metal tin or cardboard box. You can find them in booster packs, and each of them features ten different options. They also feature cardboard markers and coins used during gameplay when counting damage and deciding which player goes first.

After each new season of the TV show comes out, the new ones will enter the market, a new series or generation. The new ones depend on the video game titles, meaning the trading card game entered the eighth generation, meaning you can find Sword & Shield collection currently available.

Watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FDqDvvJyY2w to learn everything about rules beforehand.

Different Types

You should know that in the Pokémon universe, you can find three card categories you will need in each deck, including Trainer, Energy, and Character.

  • Character – You should know that we can differentiate characters into eleven different types, including Dragon, Metal, Psychic, Water, Fire, and many more. Each one can evolve the character from its basic form to stage one or stage two form you can notice in the upper left corner of each card. The shiny options are Legendary Pokémon, which is essential to remember. They cannot evolve but are the most powerful characters you can use in the game, meaning they are also highly valuable compared with other options.
  • Energy – You will need energy to boost your characters throughout the game. Apart from regular, you can find special energy options that will ensure you increase the power or defense of a particular character, which is vital to remember. You can find them in any pack you decide to purchase.
  • Trainer – Finally, you can choose the ones you can use for stadiums, supporters, and items during each battle. Remember that each option comes with special rules you can read at the bottom to ensure the best course of action.

As you can see, we can differentiate numerous pokemon cards available on the market. You can also choose GX or EX options on the right side, next to a name. Since they can be shiny, you should know kids love them. It means they come with more appealing illustrations and higher power.

When it comes to expansion, we are talking about additional cards released within a particular series or generation. Each one comes with a hundred to two hundred new options. You can purchase booster packs and get ten different cards or buy the entire expansion, which is a more expensive option.

You should know whether your kid is serious about playing in both cases because you do not wish to spend plenty of money on something your kid will leave after a few months.