Why is it called Slot Joker388?

If you are into gambling or have played slot sbobet, you must have heard about slotjoker388. It’s one of the most versatile games that gamblers play on online casinos and also on land casinos. But have the name ever crossed your mind? Have you ever thought about why it is named so? Well, the usage of the term joker is for a reason.

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The wild card

As it is known by expert gamblers that the deck of cards in Slot Joker388 contains a joker card which is a wild card. Therefore, many claim that the name of the game comes from the wild card with which the game can be won.A deck of cards that is used in the game generally has two joker cards.These cards have a court jester or clown’s image engraved on it to tell the players that it is the winning card.

Gamer’s attraction

What is more interesting about this card apart from having a joker character engraved is the fact that it can be used to beat any other card. This particular feature attracts gamers and enables them to overcome any oddities.This wild card is not used in land casinos but is used by gamblers when playing at home with families or friends or while gamblers are playing slotjoker388 online. Almost all the sites have this feature.

Why use the card?

While the option or the opportunity of having a joker card or a wild card is not given in land casinos, it is still used and has made people fall in love with this feature, but the usage of these cards has a reason behind it. For online slot sbobet, it is all about increasing the traffic in order to be able to earn more money from the gamblers. But, the players have other reasons to like this feature and the game so much.

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  • In the game of slotjoker388, players enthusiastically wait for the cards to be dealt with and to see the cards for each of them keep the hope of getting a wild card. This increases the enjoyment level of the game. It adds as a fun factor to it.
  • It is well known that casing provides bonuses and extra prizes to its players, especially when it’s online. The joker card helps players to avail these kinds of chances and win some extra cash along with the winning money.
  • This game id not only about luck or chance it is also about how a player can plan and execute the strategies of the game. Having a wild card isn’t enough; one has to be wise enough to know when to use it.Slot sbobe tincreases the competitive mentality of the players and boosts their energy level.


Though the card is an added feature,since it is not used in land casinos, it can be said that this card isn’t of much value if you know the correct tricks of the game. It was first born during the period of the American Civil War.